Greatest Home Makeover Secrets

Part 3 - Furnishings

If you are new to my blog, let me fill you in. We have been going over the best home makeover secrets of the trade as we count down to the New Year! 

We have talked about the fireplace as it is the center of our home.



And we looked at how to treat our walls like canvas and think outside the box to make them beautiful. 


Today we are going to learn about furnishings...


1. Establish your style

In order to know what your style is you must look at galleries and examples of rooms. When you see something you like you fell excited and are provoked to stop and pause. Don't hesitate, just pin or save it! This part of research is very important when you are looking to do a makeover on your home. If you intend to work with a professional or DIY, you must have a place to start and a style established in order for ease of success. 

Many times I consult with clients and they know what they don't like, and know it when they see it, and so I step them through the process of looking at finished rooms to start to establish which style direction we will take. 

2. Know your budget

This is also another big key to start your project off with success and frustration free. If you know you have a set value of what you want to spend on your furnishings figure that out before you start shopping. With so many furnishing sources available and a vast range of prices, you need to know what your ceiling is on your budget. ... Not sure where to even start? A good measure of what things cost are this: Low end quality furniture from a store such as Urbanism would cost $5,000-$7,000 per room with Home Goods accessories. A middle road furniture source such as Ethan Allen or Restoration hardware would cost $10,000-$20,000 per room. And the higher end furniture such as Legacy, custom made would be $20,000-$40,000 per room. 

3. Execution of design

After I've presented design boards based on the budget of the design, the job is half way done. Purchasing the items and managing the delivery is the easy part, but sometimes it can be disjointed sometimes no matter how confident I am clients are a little hesitant to order something just out their lack of confidence, which is very normal. We find it is a little difficult sometimes when items are purchased piece meal and we would like to elevate our client's experience in the new year. 

And out of the whole process, my favorite part of the design is installation day!

As much as I can coach and share with you how to style and execute your design... which I have in the step by step design course in the secure Design Portal on the website. (this portal is for clients and members email if you need your password) This part is pure design eye and talent. I call it the "magic hands" This is why I've offered the Styling Service for online Home Style Kit clients once their items have arrived. 


We are planning on offering in 2018 a "Fairy godmother" home styling service as part of our design service! We will bring in furniture and accessories into your room that needs a makeover and we will transform your room into the room of your dreams. With a little fact finding we will determine your style and budget and then we will bring in your room... you can try it for 24 hours and then you can purchase it all! - but have freedom to pick what you want to return.  


We know that the way of the future of everything, and the present, is online. We are going to be blasting our Home Style Kit commercial out in to the online world and would love your help in sharing with your friends!


We want to offer affordable styling service for your home online with face to face support and group inspiration access. Visit and request to join our Home DIY doers private group on Facebook. 
Group Link

There will be pictures of rooms, and we will offer "Buy this room" you will be able to click the picture and that will take you to that rooms specialized shopping cart page.


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Comment below what excites you most about our 2018 plans!
— Tiffany