Hi, I am Geo Honeycomb


I am a modern, geometric, woven pillow. This is my story.

As you know, fashion and home décor go hand in hand. Interior Designer, Tiffany Nguyen, was on an exhaustive hunt for a spring, grass green pillow, in the middle of winter, for her modern family room project. Well you probably guessed it...she could not find one anywhere. Even though you think it'd be easy because of the red and green Christmas theme. That year, 2016, forest or spruce green were not in vogue!

She went to her drawing board and came up with me! I was made out of leftover fabric, used for two neck roll pillows in the same house, but in another room. There was just enough to make one front of a pillow, and she found the perfect green for the back, to add more green pop. Tiffany also painted green in a few honeycombs, properly spaced.

I am very simple with a complex background.

I love sitting on modern grey sofas, or I can chill on a black leather chair. Put me on a yellow or red bench and I'm blowing your mind with amazing complimentary colors.

More fabric was acquired and I am now available for purchase.