5 Inexpensive Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is here and I can't believe Easter is next weekend! If you are like me and time has escaped you and you're wanting to add spring to your home décor. It's ok! You still have time! haha. I have given you a few ideas on how to easily and inexpensively get your home fresh and looking like Spring.


Some of you may know I love pillows. I go so far as to make pillows for each of my clients homes. I think a pillow is the perfect size to splash a pop of texture or color into any space. You don't have to have a lot of pillows to accomplish this; as a pillow lover I'm always prone to fill a sofa with pillows. And my husband is always asking me to take them away. lol. But, just two to three can do the trick.

Designer tip: Arrange them in pairs or odd number clusters to look most appealing to the eye.


Spring is my favorite season because the trees in my neighborhood are in full bloom! All the pink and colors and flowers are just so beautiful. Flowers in our homes can help bring Spring come to life inside. I am always installing fresh succulents for durable and clean pops of green in my clients homes. Spring allows for more seasonal colors. Tulips, peonies, lavender, and hydrangeas are my favorite.

You can find inexpensive containers at Target, your local nursery, or even repurpose some pails, pots, or mason jars from around your home.


I love how a front door wreath sets the stage for the Spring décor experience in your home. It's gives your guests a preview of what's to come. Moss with burlap and tulips is a lovely combination; a pail of tulips is so pretty, or a wooden sign with a mason jar attach is an easy way to keep flowers fresh the whole season long. Check these cool ideas from some lovely blogs.



Ready made drapery panels from your local home good store is a cost effective and fresh way to change up your home décor for the Spring. White linen type textures add such a crisp and clean look. No matter if your walls are white, beige, or colored they look amazing every time. You might love them so much you keep them up all year long.

Designer tip: Hang them 1/2" off the ground for a clean hanging appearance and ease when cleaning your floors.


I love growing herbs in my backyard! They are so pretty, plus they are practical and you can add them to your dishes to add flavor and complexity. So seriously this tip is a must. Bringing them inside brings the outside in and adds aroma and color into your home. Lavender, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary and mint are all beautiful herbs that look fresh in your home.

Designer tip: Pair the herb in a small pot with a floral arrangement on your tables or hang them in the kitchen.

I'm a big fan of Fixer Upper, and I just love the simplicity of Joanna Gaines' designs.

I love plants in teacups. . . I have so many extra coffee cups. This is on my list to make for my pop up boutique this summer!

I hope this has inspired you and motivated you to decorate your home simply and lovely for Spring.