5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

There are five major components to your home that will increase your home value whether you are keeping it for your children to benefit from or are planning on selling to upgrade or downscale.

I'm staring something new. . . I am vlogging. As a mom of two busy toddlers and busy working my interior design business. I find a shortage of time to draft up an extensive blog PLUS who has time to read a lengthy blog anymore. I don't even, and I read all my book via audio. It's just the way of the future and I am leaping out to embrace it. So bear with me, I will be more fluent as I create more vlogs for you.

My goal is to create and share valuable content that is helpful and relevant. So it is my pleasure to present to you my very first VLOG! An outline of the topics are below. AND I am constantly pinning ideas for Home Décor, Kitchen and bath remodels and more on Pinterest, so you have GOT TO CHECK IT OUT! AND FOLLOW ME. You will be inspired! www.pinterest.com/tiffanyleeanndzn

I share 5 MUST DO TIPS on how to get the most return out of your home investment. PLUS bonus inspiration pictures included

1. Update your front door:

  •  Let's face it, it's your first impression. And can make or break a sale of the house. You will receive 110% return on this investment.
  • Curb Appeal = desirable property. Most people do not have the vision to see past old or outdated. Plus it makes you happy when you arrive home to see a beautiful home and front door. Most popular door colors now are navy blue, emerald green, grey, and black.
  • TIP: The average cost of a quality new door installed with hardware is around $3,500 - $7,000. 
  • My husband and I work as a team to service out clients with a full design availability including new doors and windows. We even have solar panel system source to get your home energy efficient!

2. Update your garage

  • Same for front door is the garage door. That is a large part of the architectural and in most homes the front of the home and seen from the street. This too will yield you 110% return on your investment.
  • Curb Appeal = Dark colored, wood tones, or glass framed doors look the best
  • TIP: Coordinate color with front door

3. Install new windows

  • All aluminum windows have seal failure between 7-10 years old. This is functional as well as boosting your homes value and yielding a 85% rate of return.
  • Curb Appeal = White frames look fresh and clean, while nice wood colored frames add rich look. Vinyl windows are goo economical solutions, composite from Anderson Windows is the best quality and most expensive.
  • TIP: We can advice you on your windows.

4. Remodel bathrooms

  • Remodeling bathrooms give you a return rate of 84% on your investment. This puts your mind at ease about your investment.
  • Good to know = Average bathroom full remodel cost for small to average size bathroom is $20,000. * This is taken from Remodeling Magazine & National Association of Real Estate.
  • TIP: Resurfaced cabinets can save you cost of a new or custom vanity.

5. Remodel kitchen

  • Kitchens give you the lowest rate of return of 50% of your investment due to it's very personalized to each individual.
  • Good to know = Fresh paint on cabinets will save you money and keep your "old" cabinets in your home as a selling feature. Old cabinets are usually solid wood which is rare now. New builders are using MDF with plastic coating "THERMO Foil" Which peels away after 8 years.
  • TIP: Lighting can transform any kitchen. 3 layers of light in every space is bare minimum for aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Position canned lights in ceiling, use oversized pendants over counter or island, and add strip LED lighting under upper cabinets.