10 Ways to Create a Kid-friendly Space

1. Kid friendly fabric

Microfiber! A longtime industry standard in the fabric world, microfiber’s a synthetic fabric that’s easy to maintain, extra durable, and wears well. It is not the "novasuede" of old anymore, there are many colors & textures to it that have a weave like appearance. Kid toys can’t get caught, stains wipe away, and crumbs won’t get trapped. Stay away from harsh cleaners or wet towels - instead, follow care instructions to avoid damaging your fabric.

Extremely durable and able to withstand high-traffic areas, kids, and pets, leather’s the timeless choice that only gets better over time as its inherent characteristics hide those little paw or scuff marks.

Avoid light colors, no matter what the lighter colors show wear and tear much faster.

I have a fabulous source that I love to use for kid and pet friendly upholstery. Contact me for more information.

Key Largo kid friendly fabric

Key Largo kid friendly fabric

2. Stylish storage solutions

The toys and stuffed animals and books all need their own place to be. If not, your kid friendly room will look like a kids room. Utilized cubby shelves with baskets, a stylish sideboard, bookshelves, and console table with baskets to conceal the toys and keeps everything organized.

TIP :  Purchase Billy bookcases, lay on their sides, or use appropriate size according to space and placement.

TIP: Purchase Billy bookcases, lay on their sides, or use appropriate size according to space and placement.


3. Designated Kid corner

This is super important to keep your living room beautiful and organized. With a mini version of your style furniture, it creates a space for their projects, pictures, art supplies. Their own designated kid corner gives them their own space to work, play & store their toys and projects. It also creates an attitude of pride and ownership of their stuff and creates a healthy habit in staying clean and organized.

kid work space

4. Book shelves

Books are the number one important thing to read, experience in life. Having a designated book shelf area for them to access easily and regularly and keep them under control and organized. Putting them out there and organized gives them importance and.

kid bookshelves
billy bookcase ikea kids bookshelf
kids reading corner

5. Use neutral color scheme with pops of bright & fun accent colors

Choose neutral fabric for the sofa, chairs, ottoman, etc. Bring in the pop of color in the rug, pillows, artwork. Have fun with the color. You can bring in bright yellow, pink, green etc. Have fun with it!

birght pillows
colorful pillows

6. Use an ottoman for coffee table

When you have babies and toddlers, every hard edge you never noticed before pops out to your eye as a hazard toward your baby. Instead of putting those tacky cushion on the corners of a coffee table, use an ottoman as your coffee table.

kid friendly ottomans

7. Use chalk paint on multiple surfaces

Kid's all explore and express themselves on the walls. A great way to deter this is to designate a wall space for them to color on . Paint chalk board paint on a piece of wall, or side of bookcase, or on top of coffee table.

chalkboard table
chalkboard wall decal

8. Frame child's art work

It melts our hearts when our precious kids make art for us. Instead of sticking it on the refrigerator, buy frames at Michaels or Aaron Brothers and hang your child's beautiful work in a gallery arrangement. Either above the main sofa wall, or in their corner. It will look fantastic!

frame kid's art
kids art

9. Decorative baskets

There are so many stylish fabric baskets now with an amazing pop of color! Use those to control the toy overflow or collect the stuffed animals. Place them in their corner, on the end of the sofa, or near the fireplace.

kid baskets
baskets for toys

10. Built in desk/storage

For kids with homework, you need a designated space for them just as you do with toddlers. It keeps things organized and clean and gives them a space to focus. The additional storage space can hold games, books, crafts, etc. When it all has a place to go, the room stays clean, organized and beautiful.

kid's desk

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