Lemongrove Market- OC Treasure Hunters Episode 1

We had. A blast discovering and checking the new Lemongrove Market in Woodbury Town Center Irvine Ca!!!   

Check out our video and come and check out the market for yourself every other Saturday this summer!  I'll be there selling my handmade home goods June 17, July 15, and August 26. 

This is a beautiful Market with lots of lovely people and goods!  

Plus you can grab lunch right across the crosswalk in the Woodbury food court or Chick Fila!  

And if you're feeling motivated to take on a DIY project there's a Home Depot and Home goods store right there!  

They have a kids lounge! 

Amazing jewelry  ...

Clothes and macrame!... 

Really unique home goods

Toxic free nail polish!... 

Soy candles... 

Boutique truck! ...and so much more!!! 

Oh ya and essential oil bath bombs!