10 Tips for waking up quickly

ways to wake up quickly

With Spring Break over and back to the early morning routine, we need the best tools we can  to get back in the swing of things without major brain fog and going through the day like a zombie.  I was sitting in the doctors office, for a routine checkup, and found this article in Real Simple Magazine. I tried it this week and it really worked! So I'll share with you the tips that worked for me and some additional ones I used that were not in the article. 

1. Don’t snooze.

Snoozing keeps interrupting your REM sleep and that makes you more disoriented and groggy opposed to just waking up thinking you are not going to survive awake. The biggest tip to not feel the need to snooze in the morning is to get a good nights sleep of 7-9 hours. We all know this, but it is difficult with all the responsibilities, media shows we want to watch. Another tip to help get that sleep is to make your room a relaxing retreat in it's design. 

As in my last blog, a calming bedroom is all about a well executed design. If you have lots of clutter, papers, desks, or just irritating colors in your bedroom, you will find it difficult to rest and fall asleep or when you wake you are hit with the immediate stress. 

* Tip to sleep deeply with uninterrupted REM cycles put one drop of Cedarwood essential oil and spread on all locations: your foot, center of brow, temples, and under hairline. 



2. Open up those shades!

And let in the sunshine! I love a beautiful light blocking roman shade, and when it's time to rise, allow that light to shine in. For centuries people have been rising and setting with the sun, allow those rays to let nature kick in. I did this, and for me, it was a psychological awakening , and it lifted my spirits letting light into my beautiful bedroom.

beach roman shade.png

3.   Take 5 deep breathes before you leave the room. I stood up and inhaled while lifting my arms above my head and blew out through lips like I am blowing out a candle, while lowering my arms. This brings oxygen to your brain, waking you up naturally. 


4. Stretch and release the kinks. I'm a big fan of PIYO and I love that it is a stretch and strength routine. I also love Yoga, and doing the Asanas in the morning stretched out the tightness in my body getting the blood flowing and waking me up my body. 

Photo by fizkes/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fizkes/iStock / Getty Images


5. Make your bed . It doesn't have to be a chore to make your bed, get a light easy blanket or duvet cover that you can throw back over the pillows, which looks very elegant also. And just a couple pillows and your done! Click the link to watch video on how to make bed in less than 2 minutes. 


6. Splash cold water on your face. I splashed my face 3-5 times, it felt invigorating.   

7.  Smell mint. It's refreshing and invigorating. How to smell, take a wiff of your mint essential oil in the bottle, diffuse it, or use a mint face scrub. I love my face scrub by Young Living. Click here to buy yours. 

Photo by La_vanda/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by La_vanda/iStock / Getty Images


8.  Drink a tall glass of water. More than likely you are dehydrated from the LONG night of sleep. (wink wink) The other plus is starting your day hydrating yourself will keep you in tune and want to continue to hydrate yourself all day. The more water you drink, the less cravings you have, the less wrinkles you will have, and you will digest food easier. 

9. Wait to brew your coffee. I used to wake up and go straight to my coffee maker. After I've practiced all of these steps I didn't need my coffee right away. I was able to wait until after breakfast, and even most days until the afternoon lull. The article states that the body is not ready to accept caffeine straight away and it is not really effective, leaving you to grab for cup of coffee number 2. 

10. Eat a healthy high protein breakfast . Eating eggs, and veggies, or oatmeal with apple is my go to. Before I did this routine, I didn't have energy to even cook eggs. I would only drink coffee and then eat a snack in the late morning. This routine gave me brain power and energy to prepare a healthy breakfast that sustained me until lunch without a snack.