Blue & Trust

Color Theory was a very interesting class when I was a student at Interior Designers institute . I learned which colors invoke a calming effect, which colors encourage your appetite, and the most intriguing was how each color effects our emotions. 

It solidifies my theory that interior design and how your home is decorated or lack thereof, effects your mood and physical energy. It's no wonder when I'm feeling sad or stuck I start to work on redecorating my own home to get my boosted and creative juices flowing.  

Today I wanted to share with you my theory of why blue is so popular and trending everywhere. Just a disclosure as a busy mother of two toddlers and owner of my interior design business managing multiple design projects, I am not a big political follower or even a big news reader, but the energy of the headlines are hard to miss.  

Blue is a color of trust, loyalty, and steadfastness. I believe blue is trending because we are all looking for that feeling in our homes since we are not getting that from our nation. It's scary and nerve racking all the talk of nuclear war, an unpredictable President Donald Trump, and just the overall dissatisfaction of the leader of our nation can make anyone's nerves uneasy. We are seeking for what is lacking, steadfastness, trust and loyalty.

Here are a few of my favorite blue inspired rooms. IT's ok, embrace the trend because that is what you need emotionally right now.  

blue & trust

 Blue sofa PIN

Styled Spring

life on Virginia street...

Photography by Eric Piasecki

Photography by Eric Piasecki


Eastern Influence

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Think of shibori as the original tie-dye. Dating to eighth-century Japan, it’s a traditional method of shape-resist dying: Fabric is folded, crumpled, stitched, or twisted, then dipped in an indigo solution. Shibori designs feature soft, blurry lines and convey a feeling of spontaneity. Though a lot of control goes into the process, the results are never the same twice. That slight unpredictability “is what gives shibori its imperfect beauty,” says Matilda McQuaid, deputy curatorial director and head of textiles at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in New York City. To echo the theme of water and accentuate the peaceful mood of this bathroom, two faux-shibori-printed cotton cloths were sewn together and grommeted along the top to create a shower curtain.


Large Circles Indigo fabric and Lines Indigo fabric, by Robert Kaufmann,
Purist Rite Temp bath and shower faucet trim, and Archer drop-in tub,
19th-century Chinese peasant stool,


Such a beautiful bathroom. I'm a sucker for Chinese blue and white art. These are from FrontGate

Such a beautiful bathroom. I'm a sucker for Chinese blue and white art. These are from FrontGate

Paint your walls blue. Behr Thundercloud #S520-5

Paint your walls blue. Behr Thundercloud #S520-5

Hello Navy!


Rowe Spurling Paint Co.

My favorite cabinet manufacturer. @wellborncabinet

My favorite cabinet manufacturer. @wellborncabinet

This is just a few of my favorite ways to apply blue in the home. How about you? Please share and comment below! 

Thank you! And happy decorating!