How to Master the Mess

desk organization

Back to School? 

Mastering the mess in your home can be quite a challenge. It's all about planning, having a home for everything and finishing a task as you go. 

Location, Location

Create a drop zone. Find a spot in the kitchen, utility room or mudroom. Don't hide it: To be effective, the zone needs to be accessible. 

kitchen desk

Make A List

Figure out what needs a home: schoolwork, forms, mail, calendars, keys, coupons, sunglasses, charging stations, etc. 

Think Containers

Put mail in an attractive flat basket and bulky items in a deeper basket. Buy a vertical file sorter and label folders for each person, along with labels for receipts, bills, and other items.

file holders

Set It Up

If you're using a small desk, arrange the file sorter with labeled files on the top, with the mail bin next to it. Hang a memo board over the desk to keep track of schedules. Don't be afraid to get creative - the main goal is to corral items!

organized desk
shoe cubby bench

Shed The Shoes

Health Tip

Make strides toward a healthier home by requiring shoes to be removed at the door. Everywhere you step outside - on the grass, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways - your shoes are collecting dirt, bacteria, dog poop and other gross things you'd rather not track inside your home. Create cubbies or a dedicated space near the door to store the shoes. By doing so, you can reduce the amount of dust, dirt, toxins and allergens that get transferred to your floors.  

Utilize dead space under the stairs

Utilize dead space under the stairs

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shoe storage cabinet
coffee filter cleaning hack

Cleaning Hack

Tired of the streaks and lint left behind by paper towels when cleaning mirrors or glass?  Consider grabbing a few coffee filters from the pantry. Due to their texture, they don't leave behind any residue or streaks and won't shred while you're wiping. Give it a try!