How to organize with wire baskets

This weekend I found these very neat wire baskets that come in silver or rose gold .  

I am one who loves things to look pretty and organized but if it is out of sight, it is completely forgotten.  

So I love using baskets to organize so I can see and still have my house looking pretty.  

Here is how I utilized my baskets.  


The kitchen counters and sink are my catch apps for everything. So when I foun these baskets at Walmart- I hate shopping there but when you are hunting for teenage mutant ninja turtle stickers for your child you will go to the ends of the earth to find them. - but they are on clearance for a dollar so hurry and snack some!  


and this round utensil holder basket is perfect for my hair dryer!  


Go buy and some and share how you used yours!  

And if you like my blog,  share it with your family and friends!  

Stay tuned for indoor vertical wall garden ideas.  

Tiffany Nguyen