Home Sweet Home

As a born and raised Orange County, Southern California girl I truly know the value of loving where you live. This is where I live, it is all I know, and every day I still discover new shops and destinations in my town. I've traveled far, Russia and London, and wide, Chicago and New York, and I love those places, but nothing beats home. 

Where is your home? Place in the comments, I'd love to know where all my readers are at! 

Photo by anouchka/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by anouchka/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by spyarm/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by spyarm/iStock / Getty Images

But no matter where you live, your four walls you live in you call "home" . And I am a true believer that you must love where you live. Even if you have small means and think "I can't afford style." I am here to tell you, everyone deserves to be happy and stylish in their home, and now a days anyone can afford a little style. Home Goods has so many great steals and Wayfair prices are shocking! This is my true passion and essence for creating the Home Style Kit. I won't spill the beans now, I'll divulge you with them a little later below. 

A corner of my home

A corner of my home

For now I want to share with you my story and why, I believe everyone deserves interior design help...

Growing up I was privileged and was surrounded by lots of friends who's parents were also wealthy. I went to the beach every weekend, I shopped at the mall all the time, I went to a private school. Sounds dreamy right?! ...Do you hate me yet?

But the biggest lesson out of that was money does not buy happiness. Life is like a three leg table, leg one- self, leg two-spirit, and leg three- social; if all the legs are not equal you feel unbalanced and unhappy. 

Life turned a crazy turn and my dream man started to crumble in front of my eyes, and he was drowning and taking me down with him. Our house became violent and verbally abusive and full of alcohol day and night. I do not wish to blame him, for he has a genetic predisposition and suffered many personal disappointments he was battling through, however a person should never treat another person with disrespect, dominance, or violence. So unfortunately I had to make the scary decision to leave. I felt like I was abandoning him, but to save myself, I had to leave. I share this not for pity but to speak to those who may be in a similar situation and are debating on leaving. It's like the airplane analogy, "Place the oxygen mask on yourself before you assist others." When I made the leap to take care of myself and move out, the Universe had a massive present waiting for me. I met my current husband, we have two beautiful girls, and he makes me happy and a better me every day. 

my husband and I

I share a little TMI just to share that amidst all of this pain, the one thing that kept me happy and sane was my work and creating beautiful spaces and working in a beautiful space, Ethan Allen, and subsequently my own business. That is why I am a true believer that your environment and décor can alter your emotions. And out of that belief and passion to help others who feel stuck in life, my Home Style Kit is birthed. It is for those who think they can't afford any help in designing, it's for those who think they don't deserve it, it's for those who can't justify spending thousands on design expertise. Because as I realized, an organized and beautiful home creates a healthy environment for one to grow and thrive. It's the same concept as, who you surround yourself is who you become; what you surround yourself is what you stay in or become. If you want more out of life, if you want to grow and enjoy life to fullest, then splashing a coat of paint on, hanging some nice curtains and getting some new furniture and art is a productive step in that direction. Just ask Jen Sincero, the author of You Are A BadAss. An author and very successful personal coach, who travels the globe helping others better themselves. 


So what is the Home Style Kit?

It is a professionally curated design guide. A book full of inspiration pictures, floor plans, furnishing and accent selections with a shopping guide. 

It's an easy click and shop format. 

Purchase exactly what is in the book or shop similar items locally off of the guide. 

You gain a free membership to the exclusive Design Portal that provides 10 Steps in a Step by Step video and PDF format to learn how to execute            interior decorating. 

 Become a part of a community of Home Style DIYers for inspiration, support, and trouble shooting questions. 

1.  You can purchase a preset design 


2.  You can purchase your own customize design per room

And if you get stumped on where to put your newly purchased items 

You can purchase a Home Styling Service. 


I've decided to host a sale of the Home Style Kit just in time for the Holidays. My pre set $9.95 design books, California Modern Great Room, California Modern Bedroom, and Black and White Farm will ALL be available and offered for FREE & the "customize my room" from $450 to $399 November 25 - December 2!!!

Share this blog link on your pinterest account, facebook, email a friend, telephone a friend. Whoever and however you feel you can share this with those who you think need it and deserve this gift. 


You can see a video preview of a Custom Home Style Kit in my stories on Instagram, or on my Facebook page . www.facebook.com/tiffanyleeanndesign