What's the secret to Interior Design?

The Story behind the scenes...

"I am a good artist" by Eric Carle The Artist Who Painted The Blue Horse

Do you feel like despite your love for interior design and home decor, you don't understand how designers do it? 

Do you make decisions arbitrarily then regret them once you bring them home?

I am an artist. I always have been since I was little. I loved crafts and painting. I was constantly rearranging my room to be more efficient and better looking. Interior design is a talent. Right?! Just as a lawyer argues to win, an athlete has a propensity to outrun the rest of us, and an accountant is good with numbers. With my Bachelors degree from Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, I can safely say I am qualified to call myself an interior designer. They have a comprehensive program that covers, architecture all the way down to the history of chairs. But at the end of the day, I rely on my gut when designing a space.


I've never known what it feels like to not know what to do with a space. I've been exercising empathy in this new realm of feeling lost in the struggles of making a home feel like one's style and place they love to live. The struggle is real and I've heard this over and over again, in thousands of consultations. The number one theme is:

I need help putting what I like together, AND I want to be wise with my money. 
— The majority of us

As great as retailers' free design service  is, people don't want their home looking like a brand's showroom. They want a cohesive conglomeration of beautiful pieces they love and feel have a personal touch to their style. 


Do you wonder about the decorators, like myself, if we have a set of rules we follow? Do we experiment within those rules? And if so, "can an amateur like me can learn them?" Or is decorating a series of subjective decisions made by a designer with good taste? 

For me it's a combination of both. I can teach and explain the rules of do's & don'ts. I follow, and break them sometimes. And I have done so in the design portal. You can have access by downloading your free Home Style Kit or becoming a free member. 

 But there is an element of taste and having an eye for how all the elements of wall, textile, furniture, and accessories "play" together. 

For me, establishing the client's style is the first step. The second step is figuring out how they use their space. Once I get started on the design I use the rules I've learned in Design School, and then I work off of my instinct. 

Good design is beautiful and practical and it makes you happy .
— Tiffany Nguyen, HSK Creator

Surprisingly, many aesthetic decisions are based in common sense and functionality. For instance when designing a Home Style Kit for a client, I assess what they have filled out in their needs assessment form. This includes pictures taken of the space, a drawing of the room, measurements, which visual inspiration pictures they rated as love or hate, which items they would impulse buy, what their budget is for each category, and much more. This simple and thorough process allows me to create a style and plan for their space that is practical and beautiful and return it to them with clickable links and actual items to purchase to achieve the look as easy as 1.2.3. You can purchase your own personalize Home Style Kit for as low as $199 by clicking the button below. 

I want to share with you my project of love. 

I have created three curated designs: California Modern, Black and White Modern Farm, and Modern Greenhouse just for you.

Background is original art by Sarahrobersonfluidart.com

Background is original art by Sarahrobersonfluidart.com

If you don't know where to start in your home project, figuring out your style is step one. This helps you pick a style, then download the FREE Home Style Kit, and follow the floor plan and shopping list to buy what will transform your space into an Instagram worthy home. Use the pictures as inspiration, and inquire with us to style it for you. I am aware that this concept of buying off a look is not new, however my looks are created as a labor of love and are personally and professionally curated just for you. They include a variety of different trade only furniture companies, so you can rest at ease your space will not look like your neighbors who went to the furniture store down the street. And I've also made a point to include local vendors and artists in supporting small businesses. 

My Home Style Kit will bring professional interior design to everyone at an incredibly affordable price. You can DIY or have us come and style it for you.