How to Keep out Ants! - from your home

Here in SoCal, we constantly are fighting ants. Growing up I remember it being a daily battle between my mom and the "army" of ants. She would come up with a new battle tactic and win for a couple days- haha- over and over. They definitely come in when in the summer more when it's just too hot outside. They have exoskeletons but they are not immune to the super hot sun. II don't know about you - but I've got my own battle going on right now. If you have issues with ants creeping into your house read the tips to equip yourself against these persistent pests! 


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How to get keep ants out of your home

1. Clean all counters

carrara marble quartz countertop in kitchen.png

Ants are scavengers, they will detect the tiniest crumb of food to take back their nest. So the biggest key to keep them away is to keep all surfaces clean and free of crumbs and food at least daily. If your ant infestation is really bad then you will need to clean them off after every meal and throw away food in a small plastic bag to put outside instead in your trash inside the house. You may think putting you food and scraps in the sink will prevent ants from coming, but that is not true! I woke up the other morning with an army of ants swarmed INSIDE my stainless steel sink all over a carton of yogurt I left there overnight thinking it was safe. NOT TRUE. It is a pain, and a major chore to keep all food outside and counters and sinks clean, however there is an up side! Your kitchen will be the cleanest in the neighborhood. 

2. Air Tight Container

air tight containers in pantry

Since ants find the smallest scent, and are tiny enough to crawl into boxes and bags of food with clips on them, I would advise investing in air tight containers to store your food. It will preserve your food from ants, organize your pantry, and be an easy way to identify your food. You can find them on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and The Container Store. 

3. Diatomaceous Earth

ditomaceous earth.jpg

Ants have exoskeletons and without using harsh chemicals this Earth is the safest most effective way of killing off the ants. The Diatomaceous earth is made up of ground up fossils and dehydrates any insect that crawls over it. This is also helpful in keeping spiders out of your home!

This is not a quick fix but is very effective after a couple days. it’s also the safest for you and your loved ones health.  You can buy it on Amazon. A food grade option  is a wonderful chemical free way of guarding against worms in your furry pets! Learn More HERE

4. Chalk or powder barrier


Ants hate the powdery texture under foot, it is a natural deterrent and barrier that they will not pass over. You can use pile of ground chalk, baking soda, or D- earth around the edges of your windows, door, and house. Ants also crawl through cracks in your foundation and can build nests in your walls. Keeping your house guarded with this powder barrier can help prevent them from entering, if they haven't already. The are all natural and safe for your family. You will need to check

5.Bounce dryer sheets

bounce dryer sheets v. ants.jpg

Another texture ants will not walk on are Bounce dryer sheets. You can cut them up in small strips and place at the doors and windows to prevent them from entering. You will need to replace them once a week. 


6. Leaving the dead behind

I know it sounds gruesome. But squishing a couple and leaving a few of the dead near the entrance is a 3 day deterrent from them raiding again. They take time to bury their dead in their nests and eat the innards and leave the exoskeleton. It's not a sure fire way, but it will buy you some time. 

7. Call an pest control expert

If the infestation is truly too much for you to manage, call a pest control company. They will be knowledgeable and might need to spray a scent free solution in your walls, or wherever the nest is to get ride of them. They will walk on the spray and bring it back to their nest and the queen. She will then die and the remaining army will dissipate in a very odd way. Without their queen they wonder around disoriented as if they were drunk and with no purpose or commands to follow. - Crazy! 

I really hope that this article will help you in your battle with keeping ants out of your house. Until nex time, Love where you live! And follow my projects on Instagram and YouTube