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Understanding how you envision your dream home is the key component to starting Tiffany's design process. The evaluation captures aesthetic preferences, budget, and a style assessment to better understand your project goals. Fill out the free design evaluation by clicking button below.

Questions clients have: 

1. How much is the design service? 

Answer: The initial in person meeting is $200. This is waived if you decide to retain our services at $2,000 flat fee. 

Questions I have: "Are all decision makers going to be present?"

So what happens during the initial meeting? ...



2. in-home meeting

One of our team members will meet with you in your home to further discuss the design evaluation, including your needs, wishes, and general direction for the project. Sketching and rough floor planning will occur and materials and accent selections will occur to get an idea that you and our designer are on the right path to your dream home.  You and the designer will gain a clear understanding of your personalized style, budget, and vision.

2. What does your $2,000 design fee for design service include?

Answer: Once you are ready to start, the design fee includes, floor plans, 3D rendering and or sketches to communicate the design vision, material selections, time for my design process including research , shopping, material selections, sample retrieval, design presentation meeting, re-selection research, purchasing furnishings, coordinating delivery, placing accessories, assisting wall art hanging. 

2. Do you work off commission? 

Answer: We select home goods from unique and trend forward sources. Sometimes these will have designer discounts that we extend to our clients. We do retain a small retail commission, however we ensure the prices we offer you are below MSRP. We want you to enjoy the perks of the trade too!

Questions I have: 

1. What is your planned investment? (If you are not sure, keep in mind an average room fully designed can range $10,000-$30,000 plus - depending on the furnishings you are drawn to, if draperies are needed, art is original etc.)

2. Would you like financing? (If remodeling)

3. How long have you been contemplating this project?

4. (If remodeling) - What year was your home built?

Book a $200 in person consult with the designer. Don't worry the fee is credited to your project once a retainer agreement is signed.



3. research & development

Space planning and selecting color schemes, furniture, and finishes are all considered for your custom design. From floor to ceiling, your designer will make plans for every inch of your space. Designs are conveyed through floor plans, design story boards, and materials samples. If necessary, 3D renderings are composed to better describe the quality of execution. You will receive your own custom page on this website to access your designs, resources, and guide.

Questions clients have: 

1. Where do you find your selections for my home?

Answer: We have many trend forward sources, some are local, some are from Designer's Market, and others may be your favorite retailer.  We find your selections based on your style and budget. 



4. IN-HOME MEETING AND source selections

During your second in-home meeting, your designer will present a design which displays floor plan, materials, furnishings, and key style accent piece selections specific for your space. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Furniture 
  • Window treatments
  • Flooring
  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Accessories
  • And much more



Based on your selections, your designer walks you through professional and inspirational showrooms, so you can touch and feel what you are customizing and purchasing.

She/he works hand-in-hand with you to bring your vision to life. They will listen to your ideas and search for products that are the right fit for you and your family... Soon your space will take on a whole new look.

Only sourcing from quality vendors, we offers home decor items in our online shop. Click below to shop.

Question clients have:

1. Do you order the furnishings? or do I?

Answer: We are a full service firm, therefore we take care of all the purchasing for you. Think of us as your home's personal shopper. 

2. If I see something I like in a retail store during the design process, can I show you? 

Answer: Of course! We can take a look, learn more about your style, as well as tell you it's a good fit or not. If it is a good fit we will double check our professional sources to make sure you are getting the best quality and price. 




This is the moment you've been waiting for...installation day! Tiffany and her team will personally style your newly-purchased items as you sit back and watch your dreams become reality. This day is truly a labor of love, as it is also Tiffany's favorite day of the design process. As much as you enjoy seeing your space transform, she enjoys the satisfaction of seeing you excited and pleased with the results.

This service can be purchased for a flat fee if all you need are new accessories. Or is part of your design retainer if applicable. 


Curious to see what some of my client's finished projects look like?